We believe in graduating students who contribute to a kinder, more just, and connected world.

We value kindness, play, environmental stewardship, growth mindset, creativity, and community.

Our program is built on these values and designed to teach and practice the skills to enable our students to succeed now and in the future.

What does this look like during the school day?

  • Kids who are welcoming, curious, and engaged.

  • Classrooms that practice kindness as a foundation for learning.

  • Outdoor play that’s a soccer game, time on the swingset with a friend, or building stick forts at the edge of the woods.

  • A curriculum that encourages play as an integral part of learning.

  • Outdoor learning that takes place in a mud kitchen, on a listening walk, or by observing a vernal pool.

  • Integrated curriculum that builds environmental awareness and systems thinking; a forest ecology unit that goes hand in hand with measuring the diameter of a tree and calculating the value of that tree if it were logged and sold.

  • Teachers who know and support their students in growing as learners.

  • Kids who question, try, share ideas, work together, try again.

  • All school meeting where students share their work with one another: a project about water quality, a poem, a song,

  • A school where students feel valued for who they are in a community of others.


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Where students go after TGS

We help match our graduates to a wide range of public and independent high schools. Our alumni are leaders, independent thinkers, and entrepreneurs. In the past few years, our students have gone on to the following high schools:

  • Bellows Falls Union High School

  • Brattleboro Union High School

  • Burr and Burton Academy

  • Choate Rosemary Hall

  • Compass School

  • Dublin School

  • Eaglebrook School

  • Fall Mountain Union High School

  • Groton School

  • Kimball Union Academy

  • Mercersburg Academy

  • Miss Porter’s School

  • Northfield Mount Hermon

  • Phillips Academy Andover

  • The Putney School

  • Vermont Academy

  • Westover School