Gifts of Time, Energy, and Expertise


Part of the fun of the Grammar School and the values that underlie our community is the coming together of the community to get things done. We rely on our community to support the needs of the community as a whole and/or individually. We are always appreciative of people with special skills and knowledge but are equally appreciative of people who simply give of their time.  Kindness, selflessness and sharing are some of the cornerstone values. As you become part of the community, you will receive many requests for assistance from an hour helping to decorate for a teachers luncheon to acting as a class parent, there are ample opportunities for you to support the community through your time, effort and skills. While we don’t keep a list of volunteers, it would be great to know of any special skills, abilities, knowledge or just willingness of people to assist and volunteer. Please contact a member of the Development Committee, any member of the Board of Trustees or any member of the faculty or staff and we will gladly guide you to the right opportunity to fit your skills and constraints. And, with a “can do” spirit and an entrepreneurial mind set, if you have an idea, you can probably make it happen at the Grammar School.

Signature Events

The Grammar School hosts several significant events through the year including the Medieval Faire, the Holiday Auction and the Spring Bash.  While these events have grown and evolved over the years, they anchor the community and academic calendar at the Grammar School. With significant effort across the School, these events act as opportunities for the Grammar School to showcase itself, support and supplement the Annual Fund and energize the larger Grammar School community to celebrate togetherness.  These events – and others like them - are entirely run through the generous donation of time, energy, networks and financial support from across the Grammar School community.

By all means, join any of our signature events and support the Grammar School by buying tickets, purchasing food items, participating in raffles or auctions, or gifts and bringing friends!  Every dollar for these events (after covering expenses) goes directly to the Grammar School Annual Fund! Note: most purchases at these events can be made with cash, check or credit card.

In addition, you can participate by assisting with its planning, organization, and management of any of the signature community events.  Each year an event chair or co-chairs is identified 6 – 12 months prior to the event. Working with the Development Committee, the chair of the event will form an event committee and solicit from the larger community and additional assistance they may need.

But most importantly, join the events!  At the Grammar School we try not to make purchases required for participation in signature, community events.

Holiday Auction

Beginning in early November, the Grammar School will hold an online holiday auction with the goal of raising money to support the Annual Fund.  While your participation in the auction is not required it is certainly a great way to give to a good cause while getting that perfect gift!

You can participate in the auction in many ways including:

  • Bidding on and purchasing auction items

  • Donating auction items

  • Assisting with the organization and management of the auction

Donations of auction items are considered year ‘round but will be actively solicited in September and October.