During their preschool years, children encounter an enormous variety of experiences, a wide range of developmental growth, and challenges of all kinds.We stimulate children’s curiosity and encourage their expression through music, art, drama, physical skills, and a variety of language games and activities. The development of positive social skills is an integral part of each day. Our preschoolers learn to care for each other and for their environment, and they enjoy being a part of the larger school community. We promote social, language, and cognitive development through a lively variety of theme ideas and play. The out-of-doors serves as a rich and vibrant setting for exploration and discovery.

During the year we explore the world around us from the eyes of a preschooler, under the central theme: Who Am I? A variety of art projects, stories, songs, word games, cooking experiences, and more support and expand this theme. We interact frequently with the kindergartners, including occasional field trips to a variety of local sites. Children explore the nature trails, woods, stream, and pond found on the property. Our curriculum includes a wide selection of music, rhythm, and movement activities. We take pride in the celebration of our accomplishments through special events, the presentation of dramatic performances, and the display of our projects for everyone to appreciate.