Music and Performing Arts


Music flourishes at TGS with a diverse program. The overarching goals of the program, with developmentally appropriate scaffolding, are to develop an appreciation for music, to sing on-pitch and hold a part, to feel and move to a beat, to learn to read music and play instrumental music in a group, to mastering age-appropriate dance steps and patterns and dance cooperatively, to develop music composition skills, and to take direction and be comfortable performing on stage.

All students sing in a chorus, play recorder starting in third grade, read music, enjoy dancing, and are comfortable performing on stage. Music composition is taught in fifth and sixth grade through membership in MusicFirst and Noteflight, and students have the opportunity to participate in the annual Opus songwriting competitions. During fall term, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders study an instrument of their choice in Studio, first in instrumental groups and then progressing into playing in small ensembles. Theater is celebrated all year long through numerous class plays. Traditionally, the eighth grade performs a Mummers’ play at their winter concert. The upper school program culminates with the production of an annual seventh and eighth grade spring musical and musical performances at graduation by the eighth graders.

The theme of multicultural diversity is explored throughout the program, as students learn songs, dances, and singing games of people around the world and of many different eras. Opportunities for group singing are scheduled throughout the year, encompassing all ages and giving a sense of unity to the school. We enjoy singing together at weekly meetings and special events, including a fall hike to Putney Mountain.. Student musicians have an opportunities to perform during the year and professional musicians from the community are often included in our assembly programs.