Our Mission

As a small community of parents, students and teachers in conscious partnership, The Grammar School (TGS) integrates high expectations for achievement, creativity, self-discipline, and social responsibility. We cultivate in each student a lifelong enthusiasm for learning, a strong sense of self, and a desire to contribute constructively to society. Our program provides students with an excellent academic, artistic, athletic, and ethical foundation.

TGS Mission as amended by the TGS Board of Trustees, April 2007.


A Community in Conscious Partnership

The partnership of parent, student, and teacher is at the heart of the TGS experience. Parents have unique access to cultivate a professional and personal relationship with their children’s teachers.

Every day, we welcome families from over 25 towns and three states through our doors.

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Opportunities for parents to be involved include serving as class parents, chaperoning field trips, sharing an interest or expertise with students, serving on trustee committees or on the board, helping on clean up days, assisting with theatrical performances, and more. Parents and teachers conference three times per year, but each day presents an opportunity for parents to gain knowledge about their children’s academic and social progress.

Teachers and the staff maintain lines of communication with parents in several different ways. At The Grammar School, parents, students, teachers and staff know they can make a difference, and they do.

Vision and Core Values

Our integrated and experiential education engages the whole child and is constructed on the following TGS pillars:

  • Academic vigor focusing on systems modeling, critical thinking, collaboration, and expressions of mastery
  • Community connections focusing on personal responsibility, service to others, civics, kindness, and civility
  • Stewardship of our environment focusing on natural systems, interconnectedness, and sustainability
  • Independent discovery and growth focusing on play, physical development, creativity, wonder, and inspiration

Our vision is that each TGS student — the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual being — upon commencement will enter the next phase of life with a love of learning across all discipline areas; a sense of joy in being outdoors; a commitment to environmental stewardship; a belief in one’s intrinsic value within the greater community and an understanding of what it means to accept personal responsibility, exhibit kindness, and live with integrity.