International Students Prepared for Future Studies in the US


The Grammar School proudly offers foreign students an immersion experience in a small learning community. Cultural and language experiences, (participation in theater, field trips to historic places, science fair, and much more) in small classrooms, speed acquisition of English and knowledge of American culture.

Foreign students at the school receive individual attention, including intensive work with a teacher of English as a Second Language, as they spend each day studying with and among native English speaking American students.

Each day, ESL students will have 1-2 hours of specialized instruction in English with a certified ESL teacher and they will have time to work on assignments for their regular classroom teachers that require individualized help. Supplemental on-line materials will be used as needed in the classroom.

The Grammar School has hosted a number of foreign students over the years. Chinese, Spanish, and French students have studied here and some have remained in the United States after graduating and gone onto high school. This year, Yiming, from China, spent one year and then graduated from The Grammar School, successfully enrolling in Vermont Academy for the next school year.

中国学生信息 (Chinese Student Information)