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Greer Cowan ‘09

Greer writes:

At The Grammar School there are no limits as to what students are able to accomplish. Every creative idea or question is taken seriously by teachers, encouraging students to explore their curiosities in ways that lead to real outcomes and learning. Having my ideas taken seriously as a young student allowed me to develop a mindset that a vision can be turned into a reality. This mindset that creative ideas are achievable was instilled at an early age as a TGS student, and it has continued to serve me through high school, college, and into my career. 

While most don’t cite their elementary school education as continually influential as they start their career, I can tell you as a TGS graduate it’s a different story. After getting a BS in Community and International Development from the University of Vermont, I moved to San Francisco, CA for a role in the Public Policy Department at Airbnb. Coming into the tech start up culture at Airbnb, I found that success was measured not just by your ability to solely succeed in doing the role the way it was being done by your colleagues, but also by innovating the responsibilities of the role with a creative new approach. That TGS mindset was still helping me succeed in this environment. 

I’m now a week away from starting a new role as a Research Analyst at a local Bay Area focused Public Policy non-profit. During the interview process for this role I completed a research assignment on the topic of housing affordability in the Bay Area using some data that was provided. When accepting the role, I asked the hiring manager what stood out about my application and he cited the creative way I approached the question posed in the application assignment. Hearing this solidified my belief that developing a creative thinking mindset at a young age will serve you for many years following. The Grammar School helped me build mine, and it continues to play a role in my professional success.