Eighth Grade


The curriculum for eighth grade is designed to excite students’ interests in civics, literature, science, history, and all of the subject areas inherent in a liberal arts education. While the curriculum enhances the basic skills students need to be successful in school and in life, it also encourages students to be aware of their role in the greater world. Students are encouraged to develop independent study and work habits, to bring projects to a satisfying conclusion, and to effectively communicate their ideas to others, both in writing and verbally. Topics are presented with material and perspective from more than one discipline, which leads to learning across the curriculum.

Eighth graders are encouraged to make interdisciplinary connections and to recognize that nothing exists in isolation. Students in the eighth grade develop an individual sense of responsibility, and they contribute positively to the overall atmosphere of the school. A top priority is for students to gain self-confidence. Eighth graders take on a variety of roles within the school and in the larger community. This helps them to think beyond themselves and to understand that they can be a positive influence in a variety of settings. This also prepares them for their high school experiences. Community service projects are ongoing, and our connection with Putney Family Services and The Putney Food Shelf are anchors to the world beyond The Grammar School.