Board of Trustees

Role of the Board


The Board comprises members of the Grammar School community including current parents, past parents, alumni, and friends who are elected for three-year terms. The board exists to guide the school as it grows and develops into the future.  While the board acts as a governing body, its true role is in support of the academic direction and administration of The Grammar School.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Between meetings of the Board of Trustees, the Executive Committee has general supervision of the administration and property of the school and the full power of the board to carry out its policies.
Chair: Peter Cooper-Ellis

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee supervises the financial affairs of the Corporation, including audits by an independent certified financial accountant, and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees with regard to operating and capital budgets, salaries, benefits, tuition and fee charges, investments, and other business affairs.

Buildings & Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee reviews and analyzes maintenance and operational policies related to the physical facilities of the School, and recommends the plans and cost estimates for the construction and/or renovation of facilities
Chair: David Greenewalt

Development Committee

The Development Committee has general oversight of the fundraising plans, both long-term and annual, of The Grammar School, working closely with the Head of School in the design and execution of fundraising programs.

Committee on Trustees

The Committee on Trustees has four primary responsibilities: to seek qualified candidates for the Board of Trustees, to present their nominations to the Board, to administer an orientation program for new trustees, and to review all trustees’ performance annually.
Chair: Katherine Wagenbach

Policies & Personnel Committee

The Policies & Personnel Committee is charged with reviews and researches school and personnel policies and makes recommendations to the Board.



Board Members

  • Peter Cooper-Ellis (Chair) P ’18, P’23 - West Chesterfield, NH

  • Katherine Wagenbach (Vice Chair) P ’19, P ‘24 - Putney, VT

  • Dudley Blossom P ’20 - Saxtons River, VT

  • Andrew Cooper-Ellis ‘07 - Putney, VT

  • Rick Cowan - Former Head of School- P ‘07, P’09 - Rockingham, VT

  • David Greenewalt P ’20, P ‘22

  • David Jacobson P ’18 - Athens, VT

  • Steve Lorenz - Former Head of School - Chester, VT

  • John Barrengos P ‘14 - Putney, VT

Trustees Emeritus/Co-founders

  • George* and Kitty Shumlin P'69, '70, '74, GP '05, '06, '09,1'2, GGP '28, '30 - Putney, VT

  • Roy (Dick)* and Dottie Richardson P '63, '67, '68, '69, '74, 76, GP '02, '03, '05 - Putney, VT

  • Marcia Leader P '82, '85, ' GP '10 - Putney, VT


For more information about The Grammar School Board or to learn more about participating with one of the Board committees, please contact Nick Perry.