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Ailyn Hoey ‘87

Ailyn Hoey ‘87, P ‘26 attended TGS for two years in seventh and eighth grades, and she credits the school with giving her the confidence to pursue her interests. Currently she oversees the main office and administration at TGS and her son Zane attends kindergarten.

Ailyn writes:

I’ve always loved being outdoors, whether hiking, skiing, camping, or exploring. I’ve also always been artistic, and my artwork is inspired by the nature. My love of Vermont is reflected in my drawings, but I also love to explore and familiarize myself with new habitats.  My drawings are inspired by remote, unspoiled and often rugged landscapes. The drawings I create are an expressions of my relationship with these places.

I was very shy when I entered seventh grade at TGS. Being encouraged to do independent projects in art and science was very good for my self confidence, and the wonderful teachers at TGS helped me believe in myself and in my abilities. I have especially fond memories of Dottie Richardson, once I got over my fear of her. I often say that TGS ruined my subsequent education - every other school was a let down.

I attended Northfield Mount Hermon School for my freshman year, but was frustrated that there was no time for me to pursue my art, and decided to complete my high school education at home on my own. In my late teens, I discovered my passion and talent for racing cars. After racing cars and instructing driving for a few years, I enrolled at Vermont Technical College to be an automotive technician.  After graduation I worked in the field both as a technician and a teacher.

While I enjoyed working in the Automotive industry, I found I missed having a more creative livelihood. I eventually made my way back to my first love - creating art. For the past 15 years my primary focus has been charcoal drawing, which I stumbled upon after being commissioned to create a figurative piece in black and white. I used charcoal for a finished drawing and realized that the techniques I used for the figure would translate well to landscapes. Since then I have continued to develop these techniques that I use in my work and share with others through private lessons and workshops.

I have exhibited my work in New England, Florida and Texas and have been awarded artist residencies in Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Preserve, the Cape Cod National Seashore and Vermont Studio Center. My husband Mark is a sculptor, creating wildlife forms in fabricated sheet metal. Both being artists has provided us with flexibility in our schedules that has allowed us to travel and spend time outdoors.

We sent our son to TGS because the school values outdoor education and embraces children as individuals. We appreciate that the teachers are invested in meeting the unique needs of all students. I have such fond memories of TGS, and I am happy to observe today the similarities to my time here such as cross country skiing, the focus on the outdoors, the musical, and small class sizes.

More work by Ailyn Hoey:

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