After School Programs

After Care

Our extended day aftercare program runs from 3:15pm-5pm, 5 days a week, and is available to students in Preschool - 2nd grade. The program costs $15/day.  

Our aftercare program is designed to support working families by providing a later pickup time while also giving children an opportunity to extend their day at TGS in a supportive, creative, and nurturing environment. The mixed age group enjoys a variety of activities and experiences including free play, practical work, stories, crafts, and good food.  


Our after school sports program encourages kids to bring their best can-do attitude, be part of something greater than themselves, and have fun. Offerings vary by age and semester, but are generally open to students in Kindergarten-8th grade. Each sport has one or two after school practices per week for the season and runs from 3:15-4:30.
Participation in competitive athletics builds lifelong skills and self confidence along with physical conditioning and a love of sport. Our offerings are inclusive and offer basic instruction, but require a readiness to try hard and work toward a goal. TGS coaches provide structured programming to meet the needs of individual athletes looking to improve their skills as well as to the group as a whole. 
Play on our trails and fields are extensions of our program; kindness and sportsmanship are expected of all participants. We practice winning with pride, losing with dignity, and treating teammates, opponents, and coaches with respect.
Different opportunities are available for different age levels and specific practice and game schedules will be announced prior to the start of a semester. Typical after school sports offerings through the year are as follows; they may change based on student interest:

Soccer - K-2 Team and a 3-8 Team
XC running - All ages
Mountain Biking - All ages

Trail running - All ages
Mountain biking - All ages
Pickup soccer



We organize after school enrichment programs throughout the year depending on student interest. In the past we have offered: Lego robotics, chess, knitting, fencing, computer programming, wilderness skills, woodworking, drum-building and more.

If you have a skill to share and would like to speak with us about offering an after school enrichment program, please contact Ailyn Hoey at